My Bucket List

“Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn’t everything die at last and too soon? Tell me, what is your plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

*Live overseas

skiing the Alps during a blizzard

*Get married

*Have a biological child

*Adopt a child

*Learn to bartend

*Move to a new city

*Go to India

*Go to Russia

*See the Northern Lights

*Go to every Disney World/Land in the world

*Ride in an autorickshaw

cozying up to some street art in Kiel, Germany

*Ride an elephant

*Read through the Bible

*Go skydiving

*Ride a camel

*Fast for over 24 hours

*Be a wedding photographer

*Visit K-Homes

*Meet someone really famous

*Learn to surf

*Fly a plane

*Get my pilot’s license

*Chop down a real Christmas tree

*Board a plane from the tarmac

*Drink at a pub in Ireland

*Go sledding with friends

*Ride in a Venetian gondola

*Be kissed in the rain

*Have passionate sex (with a husband, obvs)

*Run a 5K

*Learn to skateboard

*Get a tattoo

*Learn archery

*Ride on the back of a motorcycle

*Learn another language

posing with the volcano after jungle Zip Lining in Costa Rica
posing with the volcano after jungle Zip Lining in Costa Rica

*Go zip-lining over a jungle 

*Learn to play the guitar

*Drive on Route 66 (and stop at a diner!)

*Read every book I own

*Put a song I wrote to music

*Go skinny dipping

*Go snorkeling

*Ride in a hot air balloon

enjoying a Guinness in Dublin

*Swim with dolphins

*Go skiing (in the Alps!!)

*Ride on a ski lift

*Eat chocolate in Switzerland

*Go white water rafting

*Go to Hershey Park and Bush Gardens

*Ride the largest roller coaster in the world

*Ride in a San Fran Cable Car

*Ice skate a Rockefeller Center at Christmas

*Watch a Broadway show, on Broadway

*Watch the sunset behind the Grand Canyon

enjoying a San Fran cable car ride at sunset

*Ride on a train

*Go to Jerusalem

*Go to Africa

*Go to Australia

*Star in a movie

*Go to a red carpet premier or an awards show

*Create a youtube video that goes viral

*Graduate highschool

*Graduate college

*Get a Masters

*Get a PhD

*Pay off my debt

*Be with someone when they find Jesus

*Learn to do a backflip

*Donate blood

cliff jumping in Antalya, Turkey

*Go to a new country by myself (Turkey)

*Rescue a dog

*Write a book

*Own a car

*Own a boat

*Speak in front of a lot of people

*Have long hair

*Invent something

*Become a certified ZUMBA instructor

*Work at a coffee shop

*Do something that scares me

my autorickshaw ride in India!

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