Blank Canvases and Loops

According to my plane ticket, I leave for college in exactly one month. What.

I’m really not sure when that happened or when I grew up, but apparently it did and here I am.

My family and I took a trip to visit both Wheaton and Chicago this past week. And on a side note, it was our first family-only vacation since 1999.


Being in Chicago and on the Wheaton campus was an incredible experience because it was such a different experience. I wasn’t there as a perspective student. I wasn’t judging the campus based on a list of “things I want in a college”-criteria. But I wasn’t quite there as a student. I haven’t been through orientation yet. There was no one there I knew and no one there to meet.

It was like the whole campus was this blank canvas of space.



I took the strength finder’s test and one of my top five strengths was futuristic (more on the strength finder’s test later. It is seriously cool, though). I saw that strength when the end of my Wheaton experience crossed my mind as I was walking across the campus for the first time. Right now, the campus is blank. There are no memories, no moments, no learning experiences, no laughs, no tears. But in four years, when I get a diploma and drive off the campus, there will be four years of all of that. My mind was doing a sort of dance of questions: “what will I learn in this classroom?,” “what will I laugh about in these dorms?,” “who will I sit with on those benches?,” “what will we talk about on that lawn?” None of the firsts have happened here yet. I was able to see my new home without any of my new friends and “family” there yet. I was given the incredible experience of seeing the first step of my adult life as a blank canvas of time and space.

My heart jumps just thinking about all of that.

Several people have asked recently if there is a way they can keep up with my latest revelations, shenanigans, and future decisions. Apparently my future is exiting for more than just myself. If the goal is to glorify God in everything, it would be selfish to hold back any of that from eager and prayerful people at home and around the world. So I plan on using this blog as my main outlet for mass communications. It has always been a random mixture of thoughts, devotions, and recent happenings. Hopefully now that will prove to be encouraging to others who want to stay connected and “in the loop” with what God is doing, both at Wheaton and beyond. The trick is just going to be remembering to post…

More on the Windy City later (and boy, was it windy!)




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