Beautiful Fall Days Call for Random Updates

I don’t know where the time is going. I’ve been here for 6 weeks now – A Quad, or half of the semester, is 3 weeks away from being over. It’s October. My mind no longer has any concept of what time means.




College is a frenzied mess between having too much to do and having nothing to do. Or maybe that’s just me because I don’t play a sport or an instrument, and I seem to have some manage over my course load this semester.

Obviously I’m writing this because I feel like I have enough down time to type out a brief update of my life here at Wheaton. Although, this post isn’t going to be as deep and introspective as I thought it would. Whatever. Life isn’t all deep and profound moments. Simple update here.

Chicago is awesome. And the Art Museum is free for Wheaton students.

And Wheaton is awesome.








Dorm life is crazy. Good, bad, ups, downs. . .living in a dorm has it all. Birthday parties are the best. I woke up a few days ago and decorated our dorm for my roommate’s birthday. Learning how to love well.


I check my CPO everyday. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s empty. Either way, it makes me feel like an adult to turn the dial and open my box. Similarly, I feel like a part of a secret agency when I swipe my student ID in front of the scanner to get into my hall. And opening my door is basically like opening the door to a hotel room, except better, because all of my stuff is inside. It really is the little things with me.

And that is what everyday has been – lots of little things. Random conversations, simple meals, wonderful classes, sporadic meetings. Everyday I wake up dependent on the Holy Spirit, and everyday I’m in awe of what Jesus surprises me with. . .the simple things. If there is one thing He’s teaching me right now, it’s humility. But He’s not just teaching me one thing in my hours-long times with Him in the prayer room. But more on that later, since apparently I’m not really in the mood to process through the deeply profound and spiritual things of life at Wheaton. And there is a lot. All good, of course, because He is all good.

And in other news, remind me to keep you updated on how my vision for the Lord’s plans for my future changes. Basically, how much I keep wanting to switch the direction of my major.

Previous though: Double IR/Psyc major, Art minor

New thought: Double IR and Business/Econ major (really, don’t tell the Lord there is something you don’t think you’ll ever do…like, “I’ll never be a business/econ major, that’s too much math!”)

Enjoy your Tuesday. Hopefully, you are enjoying some nice, though unpredictable weather, too.

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