Don’t forget: where you came from

I am from the back porch basking in the hot Georgia sun, from my journals and teen Bible quizzes.

I am from conversations around the kitchen table and the smell of coffee in the morning.

I am from the side-yard tree we tried to climb, whose weak arms never failed to hold us up.

I am from matching dresses and sparkly dance costumes, from MacMaths and Dixons, and from “buddy” and “double buddy” hand piles, followed by laughter. From my dad’s scratchy kisses when he forgot to shave.

I am from happy birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas, from biscotti and pitcels, from the fair where ggpa and ggma met, and from the boat ride into Ellis Island. My mustard yellow blanket with angels sowed onto the sides. . .

I am from the moments where we always say “yes, my Lord.”








We did this poem in my Art Survey class and it reminded me of something the Lord has been bringing up in my time with Him. Remembering. I’m working through reading some of the old journals I brought and highlighting the Lord’s faithfulness, goodness, and power in the overarching story of my life thus far. But as I contemplated these deeper, spiritual things, I was reminded of what I came from.

The many Clemson spring games. The waking up on Christmas morning. The pumpkin carving and dyeing easter eggs. Riding bikes, which we pretended were horses, in the cul-de-sac. Getting ready for dance competitions or cleaning out my dance bag. The talks alone in the car with my mom before church. The candy on Mrs. Clarke’s desk when we started homeschooling. The keyboard that played the theme song from Titanic. The many times we pulled out of the driveway, headed on a road-trip.

All of it is a part of me. All of it changed me. And some of it led to negative beliefs or expectations or memories that are being redeemed by the grace of God. But all of it is a stepping stone to right now, sitting in my dorm room, windows open (it got up to 50, y’all), waiting to go to brunch and then Chicago with a friend. And when I turn around, every moment of my time at Wheaton will be passed, and I won’t forget all that I’ve gained and learned and loved here.

Celebrating a friend’s birthday last night, it hit me that I turn 20 in December. And as I was trying to wrap my head around that crazy age, I began thinking of all that I haven’t done, things that I would’ve expected by 20. But somewhere along the line, the things I “missed out on” turned into thinking about the life I’ve lived. Even when people ask about freshmen year and I think of all the challenges and struggles this year has brought, I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I am not the same person I was when I came. I am not the same person in any of those pictures. But it’s because of every moment lived, it is because of the never-ending love of Jesus, that I am here and changed and filled with joy.

It’s an incredible thing – to contemplate where you came from and how the Lord orchestrated the moments of your life. Here’s the poem template to get you started.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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