In the Stillness of Summer, He is God

My journal is sitting on the table beside our guest bed. It’s been mostly unopened all summer.

My Bible sits next to it. It’s not much better.

And there’s this tension, because it’s not that I’m running away from Jesus. But am I actually running toward Him?

There was something soothing about the busyness of this past year. Life was crazy but it was vibrant. Time with Jesus was sweet because it was specially carved out of everyday. This summer has been a beautiful contrast to that. And while the lull of summer is brimming with needed relaxation, it is also a breeding ground for the aches in my soul.

What good is this stillness if my heart isn’t being reminded that He is God and He is good?

It’s nothing deep. It’s nothing profound. It barely feels coherent. I don’t know that I’ve ever written something so short in my life. But it’s all I’ve got on this blistering summer day, as I decide whether to ignore or wade through the depths of my heart.

It shouldn’t be a choice really, between Jesus, His joy, His love and the kind of mental slumber that fosters the Enemy’s lies. But I make it one, everyday.

I’m choosing Him today.



One Response to In the Stillness of Summer, He is God

  1. Ahh summer, Its really a great time to recognize Jesus in all that surrounds us. So often a puffy cloud adds beauty to the sky and if we just look at it say thank you God then its okay you don’t read your bible or write in your journal. He knows you are aware of all he gives you. Thats a blessing unlike any other. Bub