Do You Trust Me?

“I don’t know why it’s been so hard to trust You this semester. I don’t know how this fits with increasing my faith – it doesn’t feel like I’m trusting you for bigger things than I used to. It kind of feels like I’m going backwards. So even in that I have to trust that You are still leading me forward, in your will and love. For Your glory and my good. My Jesus, I love you!” November 19, 2014

Set Me continually before you, Maddie. You can’t put your hope in people and then expect your trust in Me to follow. See Me as the Ark of Covenant, going before you. Trust that I know where I’m leading you – including your emotions. You’ll be amazed when you look back and see the story that I do. I’m increasing your faith for later things you’ll believe me for – even if you don’t see that now. Trust me with your heart, with your emotions. I don’t let hard things happen or hurt without purpose. And have grace for yourself because I have grace for you. I look on you with such compassion and love. I’m overflowing with eternal and faithful and trustworthy love for you. Lean into my unfailing nature, even when you don’t see how I’m fighting for you. You only see in part, Maddie. Don’t miss the part you can see. Trust me with the part you can’t. I’ve got you – I won’t let you fall or misstep. I’m holding you and your heart. Let me speak to you, let me remind you of these things every once in awhile. I love telling you that I love you and I know what I’m doing. I’ve been doing it awhile. Do you trust me? Do you trust me?

Thou art worthy of an adoration greater than

my dull heart can yield;

Invigorate my love that it may rise worthily to thee,

tightly entwine itself round thee,

be allured by thee.

Then shall my walk be endless praise.

Valley of Vision, Journeying On

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