Ever Just Have Those Weeks?

Not necessarily a bad week. Just one of those weeks? Where even the things think you are doing right somehow end up wrong or frustrating or humiliating?

Now, I’m a glass half full kind of person. I live a rather ridiculous life anyways and I’m almost always doing something stupid, so I usually choose joy when I do things like drop my ID in the toilet or tell someone I live east of Chicago (which, if you aren’t up to date on your geography, would mean I live on Lake Michigan). But every so often those kind of days pile up. Where more life things happen than I can handle with laughter. I’ve had a couple of days like that.

Days where I try to be kind and get my dad’s car washed, only to have it rain an hour later.

Or when I try to deep clean my own car and misread the bottles, only to realize I am scrubbing the carpets with bleach and wiping the windows down with clorox.

The kind of days where I buy new running shoes that I’ve been ridiculously obsessed with, only to have them inspire me so much that I sprint for the first five minutes of my 5K. Needless to say, I never quite recovered.

The days where I’ve diligently tracked my food with a new confidence, only to have the scale move in the wrong direction.

Days where even my bank account laughs at me by sending me a notice that I’ve dropped below my checking account minimum.

The days when I have to multiple life conversations in a row. The kind that you have to have when you are an adult and need to talk about paying for college, buying a car, or getting an internship.

When silly thing after silly thing happens and they all start to seem less silly. . .

Like when I stand outside too long and end up with 53983 mosquito bites.

Or I paint my nails and think they are dry, only to smudge them while emptying the dishwasher.

Or I pick up the guitar again, just to realize my sense of rhythm really isn’t improving.

Or I make myself a cup of tea and trip as soon as I go to sit down with it.

Or I’m instructed, criticized, or scolded one too many times about something small.


It hasn’t been a bad week. Not by a long shot.

And I’m really not looking to throw myself a pity party. I’m actually doing great. There’s a lot of amazing things that the Lord is doing. But I just wanted to let you know that you can be doing well and still be having one of those days. Because it’s all a little overwhelming and you are having to try a little harder than usual to convince myself of truths I already know.

So if you are having one of those days or weeks, know that I feel ya. You’re going to have some hilarious stories on the other side. Keep speaking truth and letting Jesus show you the joy in the midst of it all.

And no one is even going to notice that my hands smell like bleach and my nail polish is smudged. Probably.

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