More Like Ten Days

So, the whole 25 days of blogging kind of fell off the bandwagon at certain points. Which was to be expected, with finals and coming home and all. But ten posts and eleven drafts came out of the past twenty-five days, so I’d say it was a success. Even more than whatever I posted, I learned a lot about myself and the Lord in the past few weeks. They haven’t been easy weeks – it’s been a lot of internal wrestling about who I am and what the Lord is calling me to, not to mention tests, papers, and car problems – but forcing myself to write throughout it has been one of the biggest blessings of the season. There’s also been a lot of laughter, smiles, and hugs in the past 25 days too, which writing has helped me to see, so I’m a very happy 21 year old.

In case you missed anything. . .here’s a recap of the past 25 Days of Blogging:

Day 1: Reflections on Writing

Day 2: Crying in a Coffee Shop

Day 3: My Devotional on Community

Day 4: My Summer Faves

Day 5: Hanging with the Stars

Day 6: skipped

Day 7: Watch What I’ll Do

Day 8: skipped

Day 9: It is Well with My Soul

Day 10: skipped              

Day 11: skipped                                          <———- this was the rough week pre finals

Day 12: Five Truths I Learn When I Have a Crush

Day 13: What I Miss About Acworth, GA

Day 14: skipped

Day 15: skipped                                       

Day 16: skipped  

Day 17: skipped  

Day 18: skipped                                        <———- this was the rough week of finals 

Day 19: skipped  

Day 20: Whatever is True

Day 21: skipped  

Day 22: skipped  

Day 23: skipped  

Day 24: skipped                                           <———- this week included a lot of family and presents



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