meet maddie

IMG_0439I’m Maddie and it’s nice to meet you. Welcome to my little corner of the big, crazy world. You’ve stumbled on my collection of personal photos, thoughts, and writings.

I’m a twenty-something year old lover of Jesus.

His grace sustains me, His love covers me, and His calling drives me. If I don’t ever get to talk to you this side of heaven, I hope we can find a Heaven-sized Starbucks and swap Jesus stories. I fail daily at upholding my end of the relationship with my Heavenly Bridegroom, but like I said, His grace sustains me. And that is such good news. So good that I want to spend the rest of my life sharing it. America, overseas, with the churched and unreached, I want to love Him and share His love.

I’m journeying towards less of my flesh and more of Him. But really, it’s a whole big mess covered by a whole lotta grace. But I wouldn’t want it any other way, because it is in my lack of strength that I rely on His voice, His joy, His peace. It’s only when I’m so lost in Christ that it all just spills over the top to love others. I don’t always do that perfectly, but I’m trying. I’ll be the first to admit I fail daily. At all of it. Remembering, resting, loving, denying myself, praying, loving, accepting. But it’s despite all my many shortcomings, Jesus loves me so infinitely much. How can that not be the best news in the whole world? How can I not share that story?

This is His story, through my eyes.

And as for me. . .

I’m a fan of nicknames and lattes and romantic movies. I read epilogues first, because I care about the ending as much as I do the journey. I love surprises. I adore flowers and sunshine and never having to wear shoes. I grew up in the South but my parents are from the North, so don’t expect an accent. My dad raised me to be a die-hard Clemson fan and my friends saw a new side of me when they won the national championship. I’m an INFP, if you care about that sort of thing. I tend to have an “all in” sort of personality, so when I commit to something I tend to really commit. I cried a lot as a child, but age has seemed to temper that. I can’t stand loud noises, which means it took me awhile to appreciate fireworks. I could eat ice cream literally forever. I love traveling, exploring, and getting to figure things out on my own. Spontaneous problem solving doesn’t stress me out. I have a tendency for overthinking and my brain is nearly always going, which translates into both internal and verbal processing. It also means I have a lot of journals. I’m an introvert by nature, but I love people. I love, love to laugh. I often meet Jesus in nature, which means I love the outdoors, with the exception of mosquitos. I’ve been to nearly twenty-five different countries and lived in four different states. The magic of Disney is still very much alive for me. I also love drawing, painting, and sketching; I’ve found it’s a different way in which I can connect with the heart of God and pray for others.

As you can see, I’m really just a hodgepodge of a lot of random quirks and flaws and loves, covered by a whole lot more of the Holy Spirit.