Meet Maddie

Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

Welcome to my little blogging corner of the big, crazy world.

I’m a twenty-something year old lover of Jesus.

His grace sustains me, His love covers me, and His calling drives me. If I don’t ever get to talk to you this side of heaven, I hope we can find a heaven-sized Starbucks and swap Jesus stories. Partly because I’m sure the coffee will be fantastic there and partly because I love hearing what He’s doing around the world.

I fail daily at upholding my end of the relationship with my Jesus, but like I said, His grace saved me and continues to sustain me. And that is such good news. So good that I want to spend the rest of my life sharing it, wherever I end up. In America or overseas.

This journey of decreasing so that Christ can increase? It’s a whole big mess covered by a whole lotta grace. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. Because somehow, it’s despite all my shortcomings, Jesus loves me so infinitely much. How can that not be the best news in the whole world?

This is His story. I’m just borrowing the blue eyes that see it.

And as for me. . .

I’m a fan of nicknames, lattes, and romantic movies. When Harry Met Sally and P.S. I Love You are up there on my list. Also, Australia, but no one has ever seen that one.

As a kid, I would read the epilogue first, because, turns out, I care about the ending as much as I do the journey.

I’m convinced there’s nothing quite as magical as a white Christmas.

I adore flowers, sunshine, and never having to wear shoes.

I grew up in the South, my parents are from the North, and I’ve spent the last half-decade in the Midwest, so I say words like “y’all” and “baaag” with an accent.

My dad raised me to be a die-hard Clemson fan and my friends saw a new side of me when they won the national championship.

I’m an INFJ and an enneagram 9, if you care about that sort of thing.

I tend to have an “all in” sort of personality, so when I commit to something I tend to really commit.

Per above, if you’ve caught me in the middle of a TV-binge or book obsession, I apologize in advance for my enthusiasm. My parents grounded me from reading Harry Potter in 4th grade because of this.

I can’t stand loud noises, which means it took me awhile to appreciate fireworks. I still hate the vacuum.

I could eat ice cream and/or tacos literally forever.

I love traveling, exploring, and getting to figure things out on my own.

Spontaneous problem solving doesn’t stress me out. Usually.

I have a tendency for overthinking and my brain is nearly always going. I have a lot of journals.

I love, love, love to laugh.

Nothing compares to singing loudly in the car or shower.

I’ve tried to like running, but y’all, it’s a struggle.

Not that it defines me, but a diagnoses of PCOS has been a significant part of my life and story. I wrote about it here.

I’ve been to over thirty different countries and lived in four different states.

The magic of Disney is still very much alive for me. If you ever want to watch a Disney movie with me, my answer will always be yes.

I love drawing, painting, and sketching. And pretty much anything creative.